Why I Love HNS Sacramento

Writing is a solitary business, so when you find a group of people who share your passion and understand the day-to-day grind of it: hold them close. I am fortunate to have this talented group in my life – the Sacramento branch of the Northern California Historical Novel Society. We meet for brunch one Saturday a month to chat, bond, and share our love of books. No matter how I feel going into a meeting, I always leave filled with gratitude and joy in my heart. Critique partners are invaluable, but it is equally rewarding to surround yourself with writers who are there solely for support and good cheer.IMG_0406

(Left to Right) Erika MacDonald, Ed Moore, Erika Mailman, Gini Grossenbacher, Erin Lindsay McCabe, Mark Wiederanders, Kathy Boyd Fellure, Antoinette May, Gina Mulligan, me, and Marcia Calvine

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