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Read an excerpt from The Lost Season of Love and Snow at the Macmillan website. Discussion questions for book clubs are also available.    

"The Lost Season of Love and Snow deftly weaves historical facts with rich, deep emotion, taking us inside the unforgettable love story between young beauty Natalya Goncharova and famed poet Alexander Pushkin. Jennifer Laam delivers a compelling portrait of a woman unfairly condemned not just for her own desires, but for the adoration of powerful men she could neither reject nor control. Laam makes love itself both the hero and the villain of this powerful story, delicately exploring its joys, delights and tensions as well as its tragic consequences." 

- Greer Macallister, USA Today bestselling author of The Magician's Lie and Girl in Disguise 

"An evocative story of love and power...Laam draws the reader deep into the heart of a resilient woman’s struggle to hold her own in Imperial Russian society. Natalya Pushkina, a woman once adored, ridiculed, and since forgotten, is brought to life in this vibrant, skillfully woven tale." 

- Serena Burdick, author of Girl in the Afternoon 

"A captivating tale in which Natalya Pushkin is vividly imagined. The dramatic complexities of her personality, and of Imperial Russian society, are cleverly portrayed in this sensitive and skillfully written novel." 

- Hazel Gaynor, New York Times bestselling author of The Girl Who Came Home 

"This hauntingly elegant tale of love and tragedy in Imperial Russia, as seen through the eyes of Pushkin's much-reviled wife, sweeps us up into the fatal glamour and deceptions of an era, the peril of choices, and one woman's resilient struggle to discover herself.' 

- C.W. Gortner, author of The Vatican Princess 


"Well-researched, clever, and compelling, this promising debut novel (is)...peopled with well-motivated, well-drawn, characters. The clear prose and lively dialogue impel the reader forward. The suspenseful and complex plot leads to a graceful, but startling resolution. Jennifer Laam is an emerging novelist to watch." - Roberta Rich, international bestselling author of The Midwife of Venice 

“Weaves a lively tale...Laam [tells] her story with verve and imagination.” - Kate Alcott, New York Times bestselling author of The Dressmaker

“Laam has not only created a captivating tale, but has woven a delicate and resonant fabric from the timeless threads of love and loyalty, betrayal and redemption.” - Pam Jenoff, international bestselling author of The Ambassador's Daughter 

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"A legacy worth exciting adventure waiting at one’s fingertips. Jennifer Laam has taken readers to new heights in her latest novel...A fast-paced and well-developed story." - San Francisco Book Review

"A vivid portrait of imperial Russia with lush historical detail, The Tsarina's Legacy is also a very timely and thought-provoking read. Jennifer Laam gives us another master class in intertwining two storylines that are separated by hundreds of years but inform one another in lovely, relevant, and surprising ways... An expertly crafted novel." - Alyssa Palombo, author of The Violinist of Venice 

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